Words of Wisdom

Here are some words of wisdom from IECA alumni:

  • "The IECA cohort is often so varied. There can be opportunities for informational interviews right in front of you. Take advantage of the networking opportunities built into the IECA." (Amy)
  • “Take good notes, but also actively participate in the discussions. It's a supportive environment, so ask questions. There's lots of great information to absorb!” (Betty)
  • "Participate, practice and participate some more. Don't be shy during the live sessions. Get to know others in the group. Use the 'search' and 'members' features in the FB group page." (Lisa)
  • “Take this opportunity to ask all questions about career searching and resumes, even if they seem small! Be open to feedback from Missy.” (Sarah H.)
  • “Current and previous cohort members are extremely helpful in providing support and information, so don't be afraid to reach out!” (Martha)
  • "Be okay with having everything you thought was right to be wrong...and accept the wisdom/guidance with a genuinely open-minded enthusiasm." (Brian)
  • “Trust the journey. Don't try to speed up the process because you stress yourself out more.” (Lisa) 

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