Fast Track Culture

As we all aim to work in jobs across cultures, it is important that I share Melibee Global's Fast Track culture.

This culture is:

Informal – although many of us aim to be in academia, which can be more formal, I (Missy) tend to work informally. If we were meeting in person, we’d be wearing jeans or sweatpants – perhaps sitting outside in a circle or inside – maybe even on beanbags. What matters to me is that you show up as you are, not "perform" for what you think I want you to be in this process.

Informative – sometimes people mistake informality and a relaxed environment for not being serious. We are VERY serious and the Fast Track program is highly informative.

Open Hearted - People tend to think from a head centered place in business and work. We focus on both the head and the heart, that is also trusting intuition and knowing that when we think about ALL shareholders in a situation, we do best for everyone involved.

Confidential - The Fast Track program is meant to be a safe and trusting space for all of you. We ask that if you hear anything in this group, that you not share it unless you have the permission of your cohort. We should not use names when sharing general stories of career paths with others. 

Collaborative -  I encourage participants to learn from each other in our live sessions. Collaboration is much more powerful than competition. You can exchange contact info in our live sessions via chat if you opt to.

Joyful – The career path search is hard enough … if we’re going to do this, we are going to choose to do it with joy. Whenever possible and appropriate, let’s imagine this as a path that is unexpected with its own set of learning – and joy.

I hope that this culture has you feeling inspired!