FAST TRACK Methodology

As a coach specific to int'l education for many years, I have developed a methodology that really works. I have coached people who learn these methods and write to me years after taking my classes or coaching sessions to tell me they still use them and continue to land jobs. At last count, more than 85% of those I've coached for IE job applications landed interviews. This is because of what I'll teach you in the resume section of this FAST TRACK. :)

Trust me, if you apply my methods as I tell you will land you in interviews - even for jobs that feel "out of reach" in many cases.

With that said, here are some things to consider:

1) Trust: My methodology will seem unorthodox to many of you because it is likely NOT what you've been told to do by others in an int'l ed job search. Please trust me anyway.

2) Challenge me: When you're feeling unsure of my methodology, ask me! I truly appreciate questions about the approach and you'll feel much better hearing the why behind the strategies.

3) Believe: Your job is out there. You WILL land it. Believe in your ability.

Let's do this!

Virtual hugs,